Investment - Susan B Photography

Family Session


On location life style photoshoot of just your family being your family... running, jumping, quiet sweet moments and everything in between.   

Just the kiddos! 


Brothers, sisters and/or cousins-


This shoot is designed with no adults in mind.  Just the kiddos and lots of fun, fun, fun.   Running, jumping, quiet moments, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.                         (adults  are welcome to jump into a shot or two)             :)   


$200 an hour, minimum $400

Susan B Photography will capture the fine details of all your planning and hard work  that went into making this event so special... from the happy guests,  the fine food, the venue and the decor.  You will be able to use the images for marketing, social media and for future promotions or just happy memories of

your special occasion. 


Commercial Headshots


Great for updating your social media and

your business cards.   

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